Intelligent Autonomous Solutions

Our technology

Intelligent Self-Driving Solutions

iAuto provides a variety of SDT solutions ranging from mass public transport to delivery AMRs/AGVs. With a long history in self-driving technology and a panel of international experts, our team can provide the safest, most efficient SDT solution or industrial automation consultation tailored to your project specification.

X-By-Wire Modification / Retrofit

X-By-Wire control solutions; can be readily modified / retrofit onto existing vehicles, or building autonomous chassis from the ground up. Retrofit provides a fast and economic alternative to implementation and deployment of SDTs using existing vehicles, to quickly test out and demonstrate any self-driving solutions.

Self-Driving Transport Vehicles

Complete end-to-end solution from chassis digital control, self-driving software to 3D mapping and infrastructure integration. A one-stop shop to fully integrate SDTs into your desired work flow or transportation needs; from golf-carts, sedans to heavy duty trucks and buses, we can provide L2~L4 automation solutions to all.

Customizable Modularized AMRs / AGVs

Customize-able delivery Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), can be customized to carry different cargo and payloads using a unified vehicle chassis, or given different functions using our modularized function modules to provide surveillance, mobile store functions etc..

Intelligent Infrastructure Integration

To enhance functionality and safety of our SDT solutions, we recommend integration of infrastructure such as 5G private network, edge detection system, V2X traffic control, etc., providing enhanced object and events detection, data replay and event logging, remote system control and monitor.

Our mission

Safety Enhanced Intelligent Automation

iAuto works in tandem with National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan Transport Safety Board (TTSB), as well as industry leading companies such as Patriot Energy Taiwan to bring forth a safety enhanced intelligent transport system, combining the research capability of NTU, government safety and regulatory advisory of TTSB, and forefront technology such as solid state batteries from Patriot Taiwan.

Safety, Efficiency Enhanced,

Sustainable System Solution