Meet Our Team

Chung-Hsian Jiang Ph.D.

Head Technical Officer

Doctor Jiang is an expert in thermal dynamics and data simulation, Jiang co-worked with Professor Li over several autonomous vehicle projects since 2017, including L2 lane following control of high speed sedans, the first implementation of a L3 autonomous bus and autonomous delivery trucks. Jiang now serves as the head technical officer of iAuto as well as the chief scientific researcher of Unmanned Vehicle Research and Design Center of NTU.

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Thomas Jeng

Project Manager

Project manager, responsible for research and development planning, as well as company representative

Dong-Lin Li

Chief Data Engineer

Chief developer of iAuto’s cloud based monitor and control system, as well as vehicle dispatch algorithms

Mark Xia

Chief Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Leading research and developer of iAuto’s autonomous vehicle control behavior (differential motion, 3D model, etc.)

Hugh Yang

Chief Planning Engineer

Research developer leader of iAuto’s autonomous vehicle products, leading developer of AV’s planning system

Cheng-Kang Guan

Chief Mechanics Engineer

Mechanics team leader, responsible for chassis design and implementation of iAuto’s AMRs,

Roy Ke

Chief Perception Engineer

Team leader for AV’s perception and vision based mapping and detection research and development

James Lin

Chief Safety Engineer

iAuto’s chief safety officer, design and implements safety related methodology and practice

Board of Advisors

Kang Li Ph.D.

Professor Li is an expert in the field of autonomous vehicles, starting as early as 2013 his lab at NTU developed prototypes of GPS guided autonomous golf carts and has continued to work on bigger and more advanced AV projects ever since. Li served as a member of investigation committee at TTSB, and as city planning advisory committee of TaoYuan City Taiwan. He is currently the director of Unmanned Vehicle Research and Design Center of NTU.

Chin-Yao Chan Ph.D.

Dr. Ching-Yao Chan is Co-Director of Berkeley DeepDrive. Dr. Chan leads research projects on intelligent autonomy of dynamic systems. His recent projects involve deep reinforcement learning, meta-learning, pedestrian trajectory projection, multi-person action forecasting based on machine learning, and driver drowsiness.

Company History


Co-developed the worlds first commercial ready L2 lane following control system @ 120 KpH with Taiwan based motor company.

October, 2017

iAuto Technology company registered in both Taiwan and Canada.

May, 2018

First L3 Autonomous Bus in Taiwan demonstrated at TaiChung Floral Expo.
First unguided autonomous golf cart POC @ Sunrise Golf Taiwan.

July, 2019

Participated in Dubai World Challenge 2019, placed 2nd in the start-ups group with autonomous deliver truck solution.

All year, 2020

POS @ Chang-Gung Health and Culture village transporting elderly passengers with accumulated mileage of 5,000 km.

July , 2021

Participated in Dubai World Challenge 2021, placed 3rd with delivery AMR solution demonstrating the maneuverability and flexibility of our product.

July, 2023

Participated in Dubai World Challenge 2023, placed 3rd with mass public transportation solution, as well as demonstrating the overall planning for a sustainable autonomous public transport system.

November, 2023

POS of iAuto cargo delivering AMR solution with the TaiPower company, demonstrating indoor/outdoor capable machine to deliver heavy cargo over medium distances.

iauto technology taiwan

Turn Ideas into Reality

iAuto Technology Taiwan walks at the forefront of Autonomous Vehicle technology, we strive to create state of the art AV systems, placing safety and efficiency at top priority to create a sustainable Self-Driving Transport solution tailored to local specification and regulation. Furthermore, through infrastructure and network integration, the AVs can be further enhanced with cloud based algorithms and edge computing detection, providing an extra layer of safety through pre-warning and V2X communication.

iAuto is committed to promoting safe and efficient self-driving technologies and integration solutions, raising safety awareness in SDT design with infrastructure integration. Elevating the AV scene in Taiwan to the international level, improving society and the way we travel.